Event Recording

How many performances have you given, and afterword, wished you'd recorded it? What if you could not only make a high quality recording of your show for free, but you could even make money doing it! Little Gems Productions gives you that very opportunity.Small Choir, all women And there's no better way to build excitement for your program and comradery amongst your members than by working toward a project like a recording.

Just like with our On-Location Recording, we take a minialist approach to capturing your performance. We will also take a feed from your mixer, if you're using one, and use both versions of the performance to create the best final mix. This type of recording is appropriate for many types of groups like jazz or rock bands, but it's especially suited to small acoustic groups and vocal groups of any size. And we can record no matter where you perform--a school, church, or nightclub--you name it!
Jazz Band trombone section
Your Event Recorded for Free!

We will travel anywhere in central Vermont or New Hampshire to record your group. It doesn't matter whether you are are part of a non-profit or a bar band--as long as you pre-sell 20 units, you get a professional quality CD produced and a video for free, and everyone after the first 20 makes you money!